So What the Hell Is a Smut Slam?

Smut Slam DC’s Origin Event: The Combustion of a Darling Mimosa

In November of 2015, Diva Darling produced the DC stop on Cameryn Moore’s international tour. In addition to producing the DC premiere of Cameryn’s one-woman play Phone Whore, she booked one of Cameryn’s signature events– Smut Slam– at Bossa DC in Adams Morgan and invited Mindi Mimosa to be on the celebrity judges’ panel.

After the Slam, the room was buzzing like a Hitachi with enthusiasm and bonding. We each went straight to Cameryn wanting to know if there was a way that we could keep doing this amazing event here in DC in between her visits. A few hours over diner food later, the three of us had gang-banged out a framework for the very first Smut Slam International franchise, Smut Slam DC. We had our first solo flight at Lotus Blooms on Valentine’s Day 2016, where we packed the house and sold out the event. Muggle jobs, Capital Fringe, tours, and producing slowed our roll after that, but now Smut Slam DC is back and more badass than ever in our NEW monthly home in the “Byrd Cage” downstairs at the Songbyrd Cafe, going strong since January 2017.

As for our partnership? It was like it was meant to be. The two of us came up in the DC Gurly Show together at the start of our respective burlesque careers and hit it off right away. (This pic is from the DCGS Shirts vs. Skins show, just two months after we joined the troupe!) We’ve worked together many times since then, and Diva’s been a frequent performer in Mindi’s Barenaked Comedy burlesque & standup show. If you’re out on the town and there’s a flurry of loud colors, loud voices, and enough glitter to choke a drag queen, you’ve probably found us overstaying our welcome at happy hour. Join us as we connect our rhinestone-encrusted rings to activate our Smut Slam DC powers of oversharing and insatiable curiosity about other people’s sex lives.

Mindi Mimosa and Diva Darling at the Shirts vs Skins show for DC Gurly Show in 2012
Founder Cameryn Moore hosting a Smut Slam

Smut Slam International: …And Cameryn Moore Gave Unto Us Smut Slam, and Lo, It Was Good For Us, Baby

Boston, February 2011: Performing artist, sex educator, activist, and phone sex operator Cameryn Moore mounts the first-ever Smut Slam. Her self-stated goal was to create a space of radical acceptance and authenticity, a sex-positive space that’s open and fun and where everyone is able to share their experience and witness each others’ truth. It was an experiment, and it was a success. She brought it with her as she traveled North America and the UK for the better part of every year, touring her one-woman shows to Fringe festivals, small theaters, and even house shows. It became part of her regular repertoire, along with its spinoff siblings Smut Slam Cabaret and Anonymous Sex, and her other sex-positive writing and performance work including workshops, the Smut Stand, her blog and Terrible Sex Tips article series, and more recently BEDx.

Fast forward to 2016, and Cameryn’s longtime dream of a Smut Slam franchise bursts forth into reality. After working out a basic franchise structure and agreement for Smut Slam DC, she found hosts in over dozen other cities in the US, Canada, and the UK, and Smut Slam International was officially born.

Check out Cameryn’s own words about the growing popularity of Smut Slam, and why it’s still a little bit of a mystery to her. (And hey– if you love Smut Slam, please consider becoming a patron of Cameryn’s work at Patreon! We love her and want her to continue to be able to make the world a more sex-positive place.)

A World of Smut

These are the other cities and dates where you can find Smut Slam events (start planning your vacations accordingly!) Links will be added as other franchises’ sites go live, but in the meantime, you can find upcoming events for all cities at the Smut Slam International Facebook page.

United States

Atlanta: Fourth Monday of the month at Manuel’s Tavern

Boston: dates and location TBA

New York City: upcoming schedule TBA


Calgary: TBA

Montreal: First Wednesday of the month

Ottawa: Last Thursday of the month

Vancouver: Last Monday of the month

Winnipeg: Last Tuesday of the month

Europe & UK

Berlin, Germany: April 5, 2017 (Lagari)– SINGLE EVENT

Brighton, UK: Third Sunday of the month

Bristol, UK: Second Tuesday of the month

Glasgow: Third Monday of the month

Edinburgh: Third Tuesday of the month

London, UK: Second Wednesday of the month

Manchester, UK: Last Thursday of the month

Smut Slam DC Logo

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