The Smut Slam DC Fuckbucket Hall of Fame

At every Smut Slam, the Bucket Babe encourages the audience to write down anonymous questions and confessions to go in the Fuckbucket. The emcee picks some to read aloud, and one lucky contributor is drawn at random to receive a prize from our sponsor nJoy Toys.

But what happens to the rest of the entries? Well, if the contributor consents to share it, you lucky duckies get to read it here or in our Smutty little emails. Read on for some of our favorite Smut Slam DC Fuckbucket deep thoughts! (click to expand images)

What is proper dick pic ettiquette (sic)?

Miss Manners says…

When I was 19, I had sex with my boyfriend in his father's car. We returned the car, and one month later, my boyfriend's mother returned my underwear to me in a "Merry Christmas" gift bag. Because she's classy and I'm not.


What is squirting? Is it pee? If it comes out of the pee hole, that makes it pee, right? What if you pee before sex and empty your pee, do you still squirt? Perpexing (sic).

It’s not pee.

Before I met her, I was vanilla. I have since fucked in public multiple times, gotten nipples pierced, attended many kink, sex positive events. Not vanilla any longer more like a moca (sic) latte...there's still room to grow.

Personal development FTW.

One time I accidentally urinated all over a girl while I was trying to blow my load on her stomach…She didn’t care, and made it into an “experience”. What is the correct etiquette of peeing on someone?

The black finger you ask? Why that's the code name for the prostate massage he never imagined he would enjoy. He does. It's long, and black and makes him moan. Which turns me on.

Sex with an ex’s friend? Wrong, or oh so right?

The old new Crucible (the people who go there know what I mean) decided to do an “Extreme Night”. There was this scene my girl and I really wanted to do somewhere there were witnesses. I put her on the table and put headphones on her for sea sounds. Then, I started piercing her legs down the middle of the front. Then I attached them  so she could experience being a mermaid. When she had her fill, I took the needles out very sadistically, creating a large pool of blood from cunt to ankles. It turned out we shocked so many people (remember, “Extreme Night”) that we stopped the whole place, staring at us, and then the owner told us we were too grotesque.

We are still puzzled about that.

I had planned to prepare a story to tell, but this week has been a wee bit busy. My husband & I spent Wednesday having sex in a movie theater…Thursday fantasizing about Friday…Friday in the arms and bed of his old Army buddy and last night at the Gilded Lily Burlesque show! [Ed. note: Up top!]

Went to a video audition to be an extra in a friend's video. Came to find out it was a gangbang. Cuckold all brothers on one white lady while her husband held her hand. I stayed and joined in but I told my girlfriend at the time I didn't.
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