Meet Your Smutty Host, Diva Darling

Diva Darling

A classically trained triple threat who ran away to join the burlesque, Diva Darling is a force of nature who’s the perfect storm of high femme and lowbrow. As a femme-cee, this curvy, queer Beltway bombshell puts the “imp” back in “imperious” with a mix of wisecracking banter, old-school glam, and the ability to get an audience screaming for more. When she’s not blazing a body-positive trail across burlesque stages throughout the region, teaching burlesque, producing theater, or writing a manifesto, Diva is one of the bloggers and sex educators at the adult boutique Lotus Blooms in Old Town Alexandria. Follow her potty-mouthed rantings and join her glittertastic adventures by following her on Facebook, or on Instagram, or reach out to her with inquiries for bookings, SSDC questions, or offers of lavish tribute at

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