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While the COVID-19 crisis goes on, Smut Slam DC will happen online (check the calendar for the next show!) Any of the Rules of the Road below that make sense in an online format are still in force. Here, I’ve added a few adjustments or extra rules that are specific to the online show:

  • The “no recording” rule still applies, but is even more important– DO NOT screenshot, video-capture, or audio-record any portion of the show. At some point, we may begin recording select pieces of the show for use in a podcast, but we will only do so with full knowledge and consent of anyone involved and ONLY the tech moderator may record at those times.
  • Since we’re all in the comfort of our homes during the show, feel free to wear whatever you like! However, if your camera is turned on, you must be clothed– NO NUDITY on camera. (Masc-bodied folks, please wear some kind of shirt– if we’re not permitting our fem-bodied folks to be topless, it’s not fair for anyone else to be, even if there’s not the same stigma.)
  • Having a chat function is a fun extra level of interaction, and you should enjoy using it! However, be respectful to each other and the room. This is not a chance for you to hit on other audience members. We want everyone to feel comfortable in the room, and unsolicited chat or flirting can turn a space uncomfortable and unsafe.
  • Please show the current storyteller some courtesy and keep chat to a minimum during their stories. A virtual cheer or “Your life is awesome!” is fine, but don’t distract them or others from the story being told.
  • When I’m answering a Fuckbucket question, please don’t jump in to answer it yourself unless a) I call for audience suggestions, or b) you ask in chat to have the chance to chime in. I need to be able to see any other answers given so that I can respond to them if I need to.
  • Don’t be an asshole. Using abusive language in chat, doing distracting or inappropriate stuff on camera to get attention, or otherwise being a troll is a great way to get yourself kicked out of the room and perma-banned.

Violation of these rules will at least get you a warning from me and/or the chat moderators (for minor slip-ups), but may result in you being removed from the room and refused entry to any future Slam. So far, our online shows have been lots of sex-positive fun for everyone, so let’s keep it that way!


Smut Slam DC is a storytelling open mic featuring real-life first-person sex stories. Each Slam has a theme– check the calendar listing to see what it is that month. Slammers sign up at the event to tell a 5-minute dirty story, based on their real-life experiences. A lucky 8 to 10 names will be drawn at random to tell their stories. Every storyteller gets a goodie bag of Glyde condoms and Uberlube samples just for being brave enough to get on stage!

(This means that YOU are the show! It’s not pre-planned or curated– this is a true open mic. Not a Smut Slammer? You’re still welcome and you’re in for a great time! We just need everyone to know that this is an audience participation event.)

A panel of local celebrity judges awards each slammer points based on story arc (does it have a beginning, middle, and end?), storytelling presentation, commitment to the theme, sticking to the 5-minute limit, and “X factor” (that certain something they liked about it). Judging is all in good fun! Winners receive sexy prize packages from our sponsors that include Uberlube; toys, event tickets, or other goodies from Lotus Blooms; and a handmade wooden toy from local artisan Austin Travis.

And don’t forget the FUCKBUCKET! Our Bucket Babe will be circulating throughout the night to collect anonymous questions and confessions that the audience writes down, some of which your hosts will read in between stories. At the end of the evening, we draw a raffle from the bucket for a spectacular steel sex toy from sponsor Njoy Toys.

Are you ready for the world’s sexiest open mic? Mark your calendar or check out other Smut Slam cities!

Poster paper against grungy brick wall says How it Works
Poster paper against grungy brick wall says Rules for Tellers


  • No notes, costumes, or props; this is storytelling, not theater.
  • Only five minutes, with a one-minute grace period AND
  • The story must be real and have happened to you.
  • Keep the mic very close to your mouth so we can hear your awesome story!
  • CONSENT IS KEY. These must be stories about consensual sex. If it’s not consensual, then it’s not sex. (Save it for a different story night, or your therapist.)
  • This is not a “Kinkier Than Thou” competition; tellers don’t get bonus points for more people and/or equipment in the story. We welcome people with all types and amounts of sexual experiences to our space.
  • That said, some stories are very raw and heavy. You’re not required to give a content warning or note before your story, but if the topic might be triggering, we encourage it.
  • You don’t always need to be the hero. Stories often are funny and/or “epic win,” but we want to encourage people to consider sharing their sad, disturbing, poignant, serious, simple and/or “fail” experiences, too.
  • Smut Slam is queer-friendly, kink-friendly AND vanilla-friendly, fat-friendly, poly-friendly- we are just super friendly!
  • We don’t welcome stories involving racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, body-shaming, or any other discrimination, fetishization, or objectification. (We haven’t ever had to interrupt a story, but we have occasionally had a teaching moment from the mic afterward.)


  • No interrupting. Also, try to get your drinks or potty breaks between stories.
  • That said, if a story’s topic is too intense or triggering for you, it’s totally okay to duck out for a few minutes. Take care of yourself!
  • No heckling. We love rowdiness, but only one person has the mic. If it’s not you, don’t interrupt and don’t be a jerk to try to be funny.
  • Don’t yuck someone else’s yum. If a story is about something that’s not your thing, remember that it’s their thing and squash the instinct to make faces or noises.
  • Show the storytellers some love– it’s hard to get up and talk about really intimate moments, so reward them for being brave! Without them, we’d just be a room full of people drinking and getting bored.
  • No necking in the front row.
  • What happens at Smut Slam stays at Smut Slam; if it’s not your story, it’s not your story to tell. (Think of it as our own mini-Las Vegas!)
  • No photos or videos of the performance. Please ask people before taking pictures of them in the lounge or theater outside the show.
Poster paper against grungy brick wall says Rules for Listeners


Smut Slam DC is intended to be a safe space for everyone who attends, and we take that VERY seriously. There are two things every attendee needs to know:

  • We’re sharing some pretty intimate, vulnerable stuff here, and that can make everyone feel really bonded. That’s awesome! HOWEVER, just because you heard someone tell a really sexy personal story (or even if they didn’t tell a story at all), you are not entitled to anyone’s time, attention, conversation, acceptance of your offer of a drink, phone number, sexual interest, or anything else. Don’t be a creep. If someone’s not giving you an enthusiastic yes, then it’s a no. Respect that. We’re not kidding.*
  • Conversely, if anyone is giving you unwanted attention, and you don’t feel like you can handle it on your own or you just want to let someone know what’s going on, you are ALWAYS welcome to find Diva, our door person, our bucket babe, or any of the bar staff and ask for help. The Brixton is certified as a Safe Bar by Collective Action for Safe Space’s (CASS) Safe Bar Program, which means that the front of house staff has been trained to recognize, intervene in, and de-escalate situations of sexual harassment. We as hosts will not hesitate to eject and ban anyone who violates safe space and consent.

*We’ve never had a problem with anyone at our events to our knowledge, thankfully. Our crowds are especially respectful and cool. However, DO NOT TEST US. Don’t become the case study we bring up at every Slam until the end of time to prove that we’re serious.

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